Electronic Delivery of Proxy Material

If you choose to enroll in electronic delivery of Annual Reports and Proxy materials you will be notified by e-mail when the current year Annual Meeting materials are available on the Internet. The e-mail message will include instructions on how to access your Proxy materials. This method allows you to view the information at your convenience, easily print them if you wish and to vote your shares electronically. Best of all, you will have the opportunity to receive the information earlier than ever before. If this is convenient for you, you will also help Tiffany & Co. reduce printing and postage expenses.

Beneficial Stockholders

You are a Beneficial Stockholder if you maintain your position in Tiffany & Co. through a broker or bank.

Beneficial Stockholders will need the following:
  • Your brokerage account number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Click here to complete your online consent form.

There is no need to fill out an online consent form if you have already done so in the past and your e-mail address has not changed. There is no charge to the stockholder for participation in electronic delivery. Participation is voluntary and can be cancelled at any time by logging on to the enrollment site at http://enroll.icsdelivery.com/tif.