Francesco Trapani

Former Chief Executive Officer, Bulgari

Mr. Trapani, 62, became a director of Tiffany & Co. in March 2017. From 1984 until 2012, Mr. Trapani served as CEO of Bulgari S.p.A. ("Bulgari"), including in connection with the company's listing on the Italian Stock Exchange, creation of Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, and acquisition by LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton S.A. ("LVMH") in 2011. While he remained a director of Bulgari following 2012, he resigned such role in February 2017. Mr. Trapani was named as a defendant, in his capacity as CEO of Bulgari and along with other directors and managers thereof, in a criminal proceeding in Italy related to an alleged violation of the Italian tax laws resulting from the tax treatment of certain intercompany dividend payments made to Bulgari beginning in 2008. The tax treatment of such dividend payments was determined based on the advice of Bulgari's tax advisors and auditors, after analysis of all applicable rules, regulations and related interpretations. Further, the tax treatment of such dividend payments was previously reviewed, in a separate administrative proceeding, by the Italian Revenue Agency who deemed them to be in compliance with applicable Italian tax laws. In April 2018, the Court of Rome dismissed the last charge pending against Mr. Trapani. The public prosecutor has appealed the Court's dismissal and that appeal is currently pending. From 2011 to 2014, Mr. Trapani also served as Chairman and CEO of the LVMH Watches and Jewelry Division and on the Board of Directors of LVMH; following 2014, he continued to serve on the LVMH Board and as a senior advisor to the LVMH CEO until 2016. Mr. Trapani joined Clessidra SGR, the largest private equity fund in Italy, as Executive Vice-Chairman in 2014, and later served as Chairman of the Board until the company's sale in 2016. In 2016, Mr. Trapani became the Executive Deputy Chairman and a partner of Tages Holding S.p.A., an asset management firm. Mr. Trapani holds a degree in business administration from the University of Naples.

Key Skills: luxury brand management, product development, merchandising, finance, strategic planning and global management.