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Investor FAQs

When was the Company founded?
Where are Tiffany's headquarters?
What is Tiffany's sales mix by product category?
What is Tiffany's geographical sales mix?
What is the number and total square footage of Company-operated TIFFANY & CO. stores?
On what stock exchange is Tiffany's shares traded and what is the ticker symbol?
Is Tiffany in any major stock index?
When does the Company's fiscal year end?
Does Tiffany & Co. publish a CSR, Environmental or Sustainability Report?
Is Tiffany stock widely followed by security analysts?
When was Tiffany's initial public offering and at what price?
Has Tiffany ever had a stock split?
When does Tiffany report its quarterly results?
Does Tiffany distribute its Proxy Statement using the "Notice and Access" process?
How can I receive an Annual Report? a Form 10-K? a Proxy Statement?
Does Tiffany pay a dividend on its stock and at what rate?
When does Tiffany pays its quarterly dividend?
Has the quarterly dividend been increased?
Can I purchase shares without going to a stockbroker?
Does Tiffany offer a dividend reinvestment plan?
When and where does Tiffany hold its Annual Meeting of Stockholders?
How can I receive news updates about Tiffany?
As a registered stockholder, who should I contact to report my address change/report a lost stock certificate/report a missing dividend check?
What is the Company's CUSIP number?
Who is Tiffany's independent auditor?
How many people does Tiffany employ?
How can I apply for employment at Tiffany?
Stock Information
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